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Logical security

Risk management is a major task undertaken by companies and financial institutions alike. With the avail of comprehensive databases and event management applications, processing the available information promptly in the enormous network of interconnected applications may significantly improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Thanks to these technologies, Integrare develops risk detection software as well as IT systems in the operational frauds sector, providing a wide range of tailored-made security consulting services for the financial and banking areas.

Integrare is able to provide solutions and services meant to guarantee the total security of the information systems, thanks to a group of professionals with proven and long-standing experience in the IT field.

Our broad experience, a wide knowledge of several IT environments (e.g. UNIX, Linux, Os400, Os390, Windows)and strong expertise in the information systems security field allow us to develop and manage complex solutions while adapting to our clients’ organization, platforms and targets.

Integrare offers full cooperation with our client’s staff and involves all the relevant fields, in order to manage every single aspect of the company and to develop systems that are both reliable and secure.

Our strengths include high-qualified staff, wide knowledge, experience, and flexibility;

thanks to these qualities, we are leaders in the IT Security market in Italy as well as in Europe.

Our activity areas include:

Development of projects and advanced IT security solutions

Global and strategic IT security initiatives

IT Audits and controls in order to meet governance and compliance

Analysis of security systems and analysis of application vulnerabilities

IT training provided to managers and technical staff

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