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Renewable Energy

In this field, Integrare presents one of the most innovative applications for the optimization of renewable energy plants:  EkogridTM (

EkogridTM is our key product: this software and cloud-based services platform is connected to a network of sensors or data loggers. EkogridTM is able to manage several renewable energy plants operations and their maintenance (e.g. photovoltaic, biomass, wind, mini-wind, energetic efficiency, LED systems, etc.).

It interacts with each on-site device and sensor either directly (thanks to its own data loggers) or indirectly (via third-party monitoring systems already installed on-site).


A very unique feature consists in “ekogrid event processing”, a function meant to locate and identify possible problems, thanks to complex event processing;


this clearly relieves the monitoring operator from scanning data to identify problems and involves just a single operator for the management of multiple systems, therefore significantly reducing costs and optimizing intervention times.


EkogridTM optimizes the monitoring and the management of photovoltaic plants, both technically and administratively speaking.

This service, aside from supervising the main components of plants, ensures support in the management of relationships with third-party entities (such as Energy Service Manager, AEEG, etc), by detecting operating parameters and gap analysis and comparing them to the expected performance.

This very same solution can be applied to the detection and the optimization of energetic consumption both from electrical and thermal sources (storage systems, heat pumps, LEDs); therefore this system represents an ideal solution for ESCOs and energy efficiency.

EkogridTM also interacts with electric cars owners, featuring the management of the battery charge status of their cars.

EkogridTM is a solution designed both for end users, for plant managers (EPC, Asset Managers), for ESCOs as well as for those financial corporations that want to directly verify the status of the plants they have financed.

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A. Einstein (physicist)

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