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Development of sensor communication protocols

Thanks to our skilled engineers and IT specialists, who daily cooperate with each other and always look for new challenges, the company Integrare has achieved important results in managing and creating new communication protocols

such as modbus protocols, CAN  (controller area network), Ethernet, profibus (Process Field Bus), MeterBus (M-BUS).

We are able to build custom networks made up by several intercommunicating sensors allocated in a defined environment, in order to detect, share and calculate the acquired data.

Acquired data may either be environmental (e.g. temperature, irradiation) or regarding controlling functions on industrial equipment or for remote surveillance.

Furthermore, taking into account the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), we have created univocal communication protocols that are able to connect trouble-free with several devices manufactured by different manufacturers and running different software.

Our expertise can be applied to these following fields:






By creating a network of sensors and communication protocols, we are able to supply our customers with everything they might need to fully exploit their smart device capabilities.
We also offer specific expertise in the fieldbus sector, including consulting services, feasibility studies, integration of solutions, training.
We design and build networks: DLMS, PROFIBUS, CANopen, Industrial Ethernet, PROFInet, MODBUS, LONWORKS, METERBUS (M-BUS), DALI, Konnex – Eibus, BACnet and InterBus.

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